Texas A&M sexual assault survivor files open records request – Gets $13,000 estimated bill!

University response includes claim that her specific case records are not available

AUSTIN, TX – June 28, 2018 – Abbie Hillis, a Texas A&M sexual assault survivor who has been public about the university’s handling of her case and that of other survivors, submitted an open records request on behalf of the 12thWoman group to Texas A&M University. The request, submitted on June 12, consisted of "all information regarding sexual assault reports, sexual assault incidents, emails discussing student sexual assault complaints, notes from meetings regarding sexual assault, and student surveys regarding sexual assault or student safety.”

On June 27, 2018, Texas A&M responded to Hillis’ request by providing an estimated cost of the open records request, an amount in excess of $13,000. The university is requesting that a 50-percent deposit of $6,777 is paid before the request can be fulfilled.

Hillis also submitted requests to the university regarding her specific case that was filed in 2010 to the Division of Student Affairs. The university refused to release her case records claiming, “if a student was found not responsible then we would not have retained a disciplinary record.”

The university also responded to Hillis’s request for email correspondence specific to her case, claiming they were “unable to locate any e-mail records related to [her] case.”

“This is the how Texas A&M University attempts to silence survivors,” said Hillis. “They don’t want to be transparent and provide this information to these survivors. They want to keep us quiet.”

Hillis said the university prioritizes a $75 million football contract, over guaranteeing safety, security and respect for survivors. 

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