An Acceptable Standard

The word unacceptable loses its meaning based upon what we find acceptable. Therefore when we find rape and sexual assault acceptable, what’s unacceptable drastically changes.

Texas A&M appears to find rape and sexual assault acceptable, not explicitly, however, the administration’s refusal to punish the offenders of these crimes appropriately implies that these behaviors are, in fact, acceptable.

The university needs to raise its standards of what behavior it considers acceptable from its students by showing the world that the administration actually cares when their students are assaulted. These aren’t “slap on the wrist” offenses. These are serious crimes that cannot and should not be brushed away. If you told a career criminal that they would get a one-semester suspension from school, do you think they would stop stealing? No. So if a rapist only thinks he is going to get a one-semester suspension for raping, where is the deterrence?

Texas A&M has set a low expectation when it comes to sexual assault.

With the current culture, a student is more likely to get expelled for cheating on a test or plagiarizing a paper, than sexually assaulting or raping someone.

They seem to have a high expectation for the Aggie Honor Code where a student does not “lie cheat or steal, nor tolerate those that do,” but instead allow a student to lie in order to protect a rapist just because he’s an athlete, cheat a victim out of justice, or steal a student’s sense of safety by allowing rapists to continue to walk on campus.

In order to correct the rape culture at Texas A&M, the administration must raise the expectation of what is acceptable in order to raise the standard.

If each student who sexually assaulted someone would be immediately expelled and lose their opportunity to compete as a Texas A&M athlete or be a Texas A&M graduate, the number of students who would consider their actions in such a situation would be profoundly different.

Perpetrators would be less likely to commit offenses if held to this higher standard, creating a safer campus and environment for the students at Texas A&M.

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