Aggies hire Husch Blackwell to hush us up?

We're shocked to see that Texas A&M University has retained Husch Blackwell to "audit" its Title IX sexual assault investigation process.

We're very curious how this decision was made?

And we certainly hope the Husch Blackwell does a better job for Texas A&M than they did for Michigan State. You may recall Michigan State and their experience with sexual assault and Title IX.

Here is the Executive Summary from HB for MSU stating that “MSU’s [Title IX] policies and procedures are among the most comprehensive and robust we have seen.” (November 20, 2017). (See )

Of course, shortly have getting this clean bill of certification from Husch Blackwell, former MSU employee Larry Nassar was convicted on seven counts of sexual assault.

NOTE:  Nassar was first convicted on November 22, 2017--

A few months later, Michigan State settled a lawsuit with Nassar's victims for $500 million.

MSU settled lawsuits with Nassar victims for $500 million in May 2018.

Good job, Husch Blackwell.

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