"And when the Twelfth Man heard this,

They let out a mighty yell

That echoed clear to Heaven

and shook the gates of Hell."

-The Last Corps Trip-

By Philo H. DuVal, Jr., class of 1951

Just as E. King Gill’s willingness to serve his team in 1922 has inspired generations of Aggies to stand ready to answer the call to serve, the 12thWoman is a group of survivors and advocates dedicated to transforming Texas A&M University into a trailblazer for sexual assault victims.


We are a group of women who seek to hold accountable the administration at Texas A&M for the manner in which they have invalidated and ignored so many victims in the past and work toward a future where Texas A&M is esteemed as an institution that supports, respects, and works with victims of sexual assault to fairly and humanely resolve cases and bring perpetrators to justice.


We believe that Texas A&M is different, that the Honor Code sets us apart and that Aggies are held to a higher standard.  We believe Texas A&M has always been a leader; in research, in academics, and in sports. Now, Texas A&M has the chance to be a leader in the national conversation on sexual assault. 


We, as Aggies, have the opportunity to truly embrace our Core Values, and be the leaders that victims of sexual assault desperately need. We believe that Texas A&M University is the greatest university in the world, and now is the time to show the world the difference.


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